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(Bertrand Bellenot) #1


One of our user is complaining about a recent change (see topic title). See his original topic:
Are you aware of this? Could you do something to fix it?

Cheers, Bertrand.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

The linked topic appears to be private (or deleted). Please explain the issue here on Meta.

(Bertrand Bellenot) #3

Yes, I just realized that… But I can’t even paste the content of the original message, Meta complains: Your post contains words that aren't allowed. (which is the singular word ‘threads’)
So let’s try to do it this way:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Well that’s odd. The “also referenced in” back link is under the first post, not the second. Interestingly when you expand the linked post it displays the first post content, while displaying the second post content prior to expansion.

Edit: @zogstrip I can repro this on try. The onebox displays the correct content prior to expansion, but displays the OP after expansion, and the link is displayed beneath the OP not the specific post linked to.

(Régis Hanol) #6

It’s now fixed :hamburger:

@Bertrand_Bellenot you’ll have to update to latest to get the fix (and rebake the posts that were broken)

(Bertrand Bellenot) #7

Wow! That was quick! Thank you very much! :+1:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #10

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