Alternate to whatsapp groups

Hey guys,
I’ve many grps on whatsapp and we have been using them for a while with a lot of problems like: missing out imp info inbetween the chats, limit to max no of people in a grp, polling etc.
Discourse can take care of all these problems for me, however, I’m unable to comprehend how to make different grps for different purposes. Also, if other users can create a grp for themselves too.
How can I have private spaces for grps of people on discourse?
If all goes well, I might have more than hundreds of such grps. What can be an optimal solution for this.

Thanks in advance.


Well, each group can have access to different categories. so a group can have its own category.

Groups can only be made by staff, users can’t make their own group.

like i mentioned, groups can have their own category


Hi Gavin,
I want to keep a constant no of categories. Is there any way I can make that happen? Or what if I make a category for grps and have many subcategories, which will he as many as grps. Will that be possible?


Yes. That is possible