Always use %{count} variable when translating pluralized strings

Some languages use the “zero” and/or “one” key for more than the values 0 and 1. Please use the correct variable (like %{count}) if you are translating one of those languages. The actual value will be truncated to the static value used in the translation if you aren’t using the variable.

Take a look at the list of Plural Rules provided by Unicode if you are not completely sure about your language.

I identified the following languages available in Discourse where translators need to be careful when translating pluralized strings:


Lithuanian language to :slight_smile:


I am working on Slovenian translations for 2.2 release and was fixing plurals today. Sometimes “one” in original (English) does not include {{count}} or %{count} - it just uses literal 1 and then I get warning or even error in Transifex.

For example on key admin_js.admin.flags.replies I have added %{count} to “one” translation and now I cannot save it due to error:

The translation does not contain the same number of elements as the original phrase

Interesting enough, I did get only warning on other similar cases (e.g. key: js.badges.granted):

The translation added a new placeholder: %{count}.

How can I fix that?

BTW, will you do another pull of latest translations for final 2.2 release? Would really like to have recent work included in final release.

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Thanks for working on the Slovenian translations. We appreciate it! :+1:

Looks like there’s a problem with the “Lists are preserved in the translations.” check on Transifex. There’s is no list in that text, so it shouldn’t create an error. I updated the check so that it only creates a warning for now.

You can ignore that warning. I’m going to update to English translations after the 2.2 release and will make sure that we are always using %{count} instead of 1. Those warnings will disappear afterwards.

Yes, we will update the translations for the final release.


All locale files as well as all the translations on Transifex have been updated. There shouldn’t be any pluralized strings anymore where the one key contains the number 1 instead of %{count}.

I re-enabled the the checks on Transifex and added a spec to Discourse which should prevent us from introducing new pluralized strings with missing %{count} interpolation keys.

Please open a new topic if you encounter problems related to these changes.