Transifex error with plurals

Hey, I have a problem with the error checking in Transifex, I have the following strings:

  • X month ago
  • X months ago

Which in Hebrew becomes 4 cases:

  • Lifney Hodesh
  • Lifney Hodshayim
  • Lifney X Hodashim
  • Lifney X Hodashim

Since the parameter doesn’t appear in the first two cases I’m getting an error, I can put the parameter anyways but it will look weird.

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Is there any chance you can make it work with including the number of months in all 4 cases? Maybe rewrite it a little bit to make it look less weird? Is this the only translation where it doesn’t make sense to include the %{count} in all 4 texts?

I’m reluctant to change that translation check from “error” to “warning” since it helps a lot with translation quality. I could temporarily disable the check, set the translations and re-enable it again if you tell me the 4 translations.

I can but it’ll look weird, why do you think changing it to warning is a problem?

Basically this check should be set to warning unless you’re using C which in this case you should enable the error because changing the parameters may break the build.

We had lots of problems with invalid translations in the past because translators messed up placeholders. That lead to broken builds and lots of support requests and I really don’t want to switch this back to warning.

Unfortunately there’s only one check (“Variable substitution specifiers (like “%{var}”) are preserved in the translations.”), otherwise I’d exclude the %{count} variable from this check.

The following offer still stands:

Of course that won’t work if this problem affects lots of translations.


So, do we need to schedule or is there an option for a permanent solutions?
Transifex has a support forum, we can ask there if you think this should be solved in another way.

Please post the 4 translated strings I’ll take care of it. No need to schedule anything. I’ll see if we can find a better solution in the future.


Singular: לפני חודש
Two: לפני חודשיים
Few: לפני %{count} חודשים
Many: לפני %{count} חודשים


Singular: לפני שנה
Two: לפני שנתיים
Few: לפני %{count} שנים
Many: לפני %{count} שנים

Thank you!


Done. js.dates.medium_with_ago.x_months and js.dates.medium_with_ago.x_years have been translated.