Amazon oneboxes don't work with the Affiliate plugin

Has anyone come across any issues with Amazon links and onebox’ing when using this plug-in?

If I post this link on or here on meta, it oneboxes fine:

But when I post the same link on my own discourse, with this plug-in enabled, it tells me there’s an issue:

And it doesn’t onebox:

The plug-in itself works fine, as in, it does add the affiliate tag on the link correctly, I just find it’s at the expense of the onebox for Amazon UK no longer working.

Could someone else who’s running this plug-in see if you have the same Amazon onebox issue please?

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I just noticed that users are posting links to which redirects to Amazon products but isn’t picked up by the plugin.

IIRC there were some issues with amazon, they could ban your affiliate account if you rehost their images (as onebox does)


Sounds like it would be good if the plugin would add the Amazon domains to the appropriate sure setting to keep them from downloading them.

Since enabling this plugin not a single Amazon link is one boxing anymore. Has anyone else found this? :thinking:

Is this something that you experienced?

Or maybe that’s related to the above?

No, thankfully we’re still making a few quid on the clicks.

It’s just all the Amazon oneboxes that are broken.

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Good to know. I’m trying to get this client to get it configured so I’ll see if that breaks the one boxes.

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Please do, Jay.

Unsure if it’s just Amazon UK misbehaving, or Amazon in general.

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I don’t think Amazon would be particularly fond of Oneboxes in general. I was previously warned by them to remove them. They prefer their officially branded affiliate links from their affiliate toolbar …


Our members can’t post those though? :thinking:

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Yeah that’s the rub.

I’m working on a side project. Will revert.


Maybe there is a way to get a theme component to rewrite the link into their format.


Bit of a long shot… has anyone found a workaround or fix for this? To allow Amazon onebox links to work with the affiliates plugin? :thinking:

This theme-component modifies for amazon use would likely be better as it also adds the legal disclaimer on the link being modified.

Also demonstrates this no longer needs to be done at the plugin level. Iirc some have said this plugin at times has issues with browser or maybe advkickers

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