Amend Solution scoring to date of solution post

This is a great plugin, but we have a request to alter how the points are awarded for solutions. Currently, the plugin will awards points for solutions on the date that the post is accepted as the solution, but this is not what we want for our leaderboard. We want the points to be awarded on the date that the reply was made that solved the post.

For example, if I reply to a topic on June 15th and then my topic is marked as solved on June 25th, then the points are awarded for June 25th. However, we want the points to be awarded on June 15th instead.

In our use case, the timing of when points are awarded are very important as we run a quarterly leaderboard. The way that we view solutions in our forum is that the reply that provides the solution is the true date of when the topic was solved, regardless of how long it takes to be marked as a solution. If a user in our forum replies to a topic with the solution in Q1, but the OP doesn’t mark it as solution until Q2, we don’t want those points awarded in Q2.

This would likely be a breaking change to the leaderboard scoring. Would it be possible to have a new option on the leaderboard settings to adjust the date that “solutions” are awarded? Maybe a checkbox that says “Award solution points on date of reply”. This would be disabled by default to not change the current behavior, but allow us to change how our leaderboard operates based on our specifications.