Wishlist: Leaderboard cheers for marking another user's post as solution

I’d like to encourage marking solutions in threads. More specifically, I’d like to encourage marking another user’s post as the solution. And cheers seems like a good way to do it.

Cheers are already awarded when your post is marked as a solution. Encouraging that marking seems like a good idea too… :smiley:


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Hello team :wave:

Just thinking out loud here.

Would it be possible to add ‘Solutions marked’ as one of the scorables?

We are trying to actively encourage our users to mark solutions in the community and we believe that gaining points for doing so could be a nice incentive.

Thanks for the info :pray:


Hey @Michaela,

That’s a great idea! I will add it next week.


Oh wow that is brilliant news! Thanks so much :heart_eyes:

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I’ve slipped this over to a similar request to keep them grouped together. :+1: :slight_smile: