An error occurred at login modal (same as topic 293167)

I have noticed this bug before on Meta, but then it appeared on my deployments after the latest upgrade: when clicking login, the “Welcome back :wave:” modal appears, and is immediately shadowed by “Sorry, an error occurred”. Clicking OK removes the error modal and you can resume authentication normally.

There’s an error log in the console:

    l ajax-error.js:9
    p ajax-error.js:95
    passkeyLogin login.js:147

Which browser do you use?

Firefox 115.7.0esr (64-bit) on Debian 12.

:information_source: Discourse v3.3.0.beta1-dev — Commits · discourse/discourse · GitHub — Ember v5.5.0

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Then I think it is the same issue as Error message displaying at login with Linux/Firefox


This is a regression introduced here: FEATURE: Allow users to confirm session with passkeys (#24337) · discourse/discourse@c6ead3f · GitHub

I think the code needs to be moved in the try{} below; otherwise, the error will use the UI instead of the console.


Thanks for the report. This should be fixed via FIX: Handle old Firefox versions that do not support isConditionalMed… by pmusaraj · Pull Request #25549 · discourse/discourse · GitHub, I could only repro with that version of Firefox on Windows/macOS, but the fix should apply to other OSs as well.


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