Potential minor bug on login with Firefox? (possibly since last update...)

I’ve had a couple users finding they get a generic “Sorry an error has occurred” when logging in since the latest update. It seems to be on Firefox as I experience no problems on Safari and other users say they don’t get this error. It’s not fatal since once they click OK they can log in. This is probably not major and a “wait for the next fix/update” situation but I wanted to report it and one of the users grabbed a screenshot of the log for me.

error log

I’ve updated the “Scrollable Post Content” component which may or may not be involved.

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I think that may be the same passkey error as this report:

An error occurred at login modal (same as topic 293167)

If so, it should already be fixed. :partying_face: Could you update your site and see if it still occurs?


We literally just updated, so it’s probably this user needing to close browser windows, clear cache and cookies, etc. Sorry for the rebump of this, I figured it was a known issue since it’s not fatal.


No worries, :slight_smile: If it does still happen let us know and we can take a closer look. :eyes: