Android "slow_platform" per page setting

I’m currently working on an integration with the Discourse API which pulls a list of the most recent topics and we’ve noticed that on Android devices each request is loading 15 posts per page as opposed to the 30 on all other device types.

After a brief dig around I can see that we’re treating requests with a user agent containing “Android” as a slow platform, and that the per page setting changes based on if the request is coming from a slow platform.

This leads me to a couple of questions:

  • Is there a particular rationale for triggering this for all Android devices but not iOS devices?
  • Is the concern the slowness of the device itself or the mobile network connection?
  • I can see that at one point this was a configurable option within the admin which got removed way back in 2014. Is the thinking behind this primarily around the performance implications with how easy that configuration could lead to huge requests if the limit is set too high or to a huge number of small requests if the limit is set too low? Or am I missing some further subtly to the decision?
  • Finally, is this the right place to be asking this question or have I missed some documentation/history on this?

Any insights on this would be appreciated! Thank you :smile:

I think these should answer your questions:

The good news is, it’s getting better:


Thank you David, those links are very useful and give some great background.

Very reassuring to see the performance being taken seriously. Will be interesting to monitor how things continue to evolve in that space.

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