Annoying iPad mini split keyboard overlay

One of the real strengths of discourse is theoretically working on devices and for reading it’s great,but my iPad mini really makes entering in text rediculously difficult by throwing the text entry field to the top of the page and then overlaying a keypad over the text that you are trying to type or edit

I wonder if others know what I’m talking about here and if it might be worth trying to think of whether there could be a solution for this?

Offhand im stumped as to how this could be improved. (This odd interaction type happens on the native apps too) not at all clear what Apple is thinking with this interaction style.

Any thoughts appreciated. I can create a screenshot if it’s not clear.

What version of iPad and iOS? And yes a screenshot would be helpful.

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Its an ipad mini with ios 8.1.2 so it’s up to date

And I should mention clearly that this isn’t just a discourse issue, it does this with everything. It’s just as difficult to add a note in “notes”, but it might be something that the discourse interface could work around.

Here are three screencaptures of me viewing a list,

then pressing reply, which reveals the reply drawer

then once I set the cursor into the reply text field the reply drawer animates to the top of the screen and the keyboard overlays on the text. In horizontal mode you can see a bit of the text in the middle but not much.

So you have no way to see where the cursor is while you are typing. I really don’t know what they are thinking with this design.

What I tend to do to work around this is I start the message with about 30 blank lines, then I can both set the cursor and type in text, at the end of composing a message I delete the blank lines.

Pretty clumsy, especially when trying to remove a type-o, but it might provide a clue as to how to work around it in the interface, such as extra top padding on these devices before the text field. I have no idea how it is choosing which part of the interface to scroll up like that, maybe everything but the textfield is gone? It’s hard even to see and debugging a browser interface on an ipad is not something I’m familiar with.

Anyway I hope this helps. I know they are not making this easy.

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Yeah I had that happen in the past, you can move the keyboard to the bottom and join it up.

Oh, awesome…

I see

I knew that if you tapped it it would retract but not that you could drag it.

Well I guess as Gilda Ratner used to say “nevermind” :smiley:

Sorry for the noise