Keyboard does not appear for text input on iOS (A2HS only)

Long time lurker; first post :wave:

Running iOS 17.3.1 (can’t speak for earlier versions as not tested).

After using the Add to Home Screen function, when entering a text input field, including creating a new topic or replying, the keyboard overlay does not appear (for example, the onebox fills the entire screen.) I can’t even type into the search field.

This affects the A2HS-launched site only; Discourse Hub and native Safari are not affected.

In my own site, where I am admin, I can’t input into any text box. As far as I can tell, it affects my A2HS version of Meta to the same extent as well.

I’m running 3.3.0.beta1-dev [a3ef9e92eb]. I’ve turned off Safari extensions and restarted to make sure content blockers etc weren’t interfering.

Unfortunately I can’t test safe mode under A2HS, but I’m only running official plugins and the fact that it’s affecting more than one install means that it’s a bug in the OS or Discourse or… it’s just me :grimacing:



And with a second reboot of the phone, all is well!

Chalk this one up to an OS level glitch…


No worries :slight_smile:

At least it gives me a chance to say hello and welcome. :slight_smile:


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