Anon Topics and Replies

Hi there!

I’m on the path to building a plugin which allows users to post a topic or reply to an existing topic anonymously, yet only anon to fellow members of their group.

The basic outline is that we would have one group of staff and one group of regular members (these people are students.) When the option to post anon is selected, the user is still visible to staff, but to peers they appear anon.

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now, and I’ve got some basic ideas where I can go with it (e.g recording in the database that this is ‘anon’ and then depending on whether the user viewing is staff or not, we use Handlebars to display this name or not based on that user type.)

Any ideas on whether we think this is a sustainable, and also how exactly this could be neatly implemented in the plugin functionality provided?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ben,

I’m following the idea, but I’m confused what this has to do with the Staff Notes Plugin. Are you planning to extend how staff notes work, or did you mean to post in a different category?

Thanks Joshua,
I’m actually not sure why that happened. I’ve modified it to be uncategorized now, which I think is probably best given I’m not sure where this topic is going yet!

Moved it to dev for now - that’s the best place for discussion about building a plugin.