Anonymize button is active on already anonymized accounts

Anonymize button will re-anonymize already anonymized accounts, this seems redundant?

Is there a way to detect anonymized accounts and disable this button in such cases?


Technically an anonymized user is still a user. I don’t believe we track anonymous users in any way in the database. Why should the button be hidden?

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I actually think this request makes sense, it’d just be suuuuper suuuuuuper low priority as a nice to have.


How do we know an account is anonymized? Anyone can sign up with a username matching the anonymized user format. (not saying we shouldn’t do this, I’m just not certain how)

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Aren’t all anonymized emails changed to @anonymized.invalid? This could help identify them (I also have some old anon accounts with, which seems to be the old domain used for anonymizing)?

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