Anonymized account could be seen as active accounts, regarding the current UX

Also saw that anonymized users can still be messaged, suggesting there’s still someone responding to the profile:


Getting back on this, I still think it’s not helpful that other users can keep on looking up the profile page of an anonymized profile and get an overview of all their previous activity and likes or even send a message. The easiest approach to stop this seems to select Hide my public profile and presence features on the interface options for the anonymized user.

I’d suggest to make this setting a default in the anonymizing process.


Has this actually been a problem? I think most people who see a ghost icon and “Removed profile” would understand there is no user to respond to them.


Yes, it’s not a problem in the sense that other users would mistake this for an existing profile. But it’s an issue about anonymizing the profile when the entire activity of such a profile is still visible. As said, it can be easily adjusted manually. I just think it would be a sensible default for anonymization anyways.

Yes that’s right but the user reading won’t know who it was anyway.