Anonymous forum mod request

What would you like done?
I need someone to modify Discourse (ruby) to allow:

  • SSO from sharepoint,

the logged user should be also able to:

  • default posting set to anonymous
  • the post display sharepoint’s “Department name” instead of the user name.
  • allow only one post per day max
  • allow any number of comments to Questions per day
  • cannot see the posts if he is not logged in
  • email always hidden
  • Discourse does not send emails to users in any case.

More details:
This work is for UAE University. We want to make a forum where users from our Sharepoint system sign on to a forum where they can give suggestions and comments about the uni anonymously. To do that I was thinking of modifying Discourse. However, we need to find a cloud hosting service that will allow to host the modified Discourse version. So, we also need a

  • porposal/advice on the hosting.

The whole idea is to make an anonymous forum but where the user authentication is done via a seamless SSO from our uni’s Sharepoint.

When do you need it done?
2-3 weeks
What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? $500 >

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What degree of anonymity are you after here? Just to be clear, users can be anonymous to other users, but the owners of a site could theoretically figure out users’ identities, though they’d have to build the tooling for it themselves.

Our go-to recommendation is Digital Ocean, as mentioned in our install guide.

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