Anonymous posting ONLY for original topic (not replies)

Hi all,

Is it possible to enable anonymous posting ONLY for the original poster, but NOT for replies?

The intention here is to allow someone to more comfortably post a sensitive topic or “stupid question” without worry, but to have non-anonymous replies to the OP that retain the context around who’s answering (e.g., is this person’s answer reputable based on their experience, etc.).

Is this particular nuance of anonymous posting possible?

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I like the idea, but there is nothing built into Discourse that would force users to only use anonymous mode for creating topics. A plugin that added anonymous users to a group that had “Create / Reply / See” permissions on a category that only allowed regular users to “Reply / See” the category would probably solve the problem.

It seems likely to me that users could just adopt the behaviour of entering anonymous mode to ask “stupid questions” without making any changes to Discourse. If users know the answer to the question, they will probably want to post the answer from their non-anonymous account.


How “foolproof” does it need to be? I imagine most of the information could be easily hidden with some CSS display: none, but the information could be found if one was determined to see it.

JavaScript could take the information out of the DOM, but again, the information could be found if one was determined to see it.

AFAIK, the only way to entirely remove it from the output HTML, RSS, JSON, email, (other?) would require some Ruby but maybe JavaScript alone would be enough?


Thanks. The CSS trick is an interesting workaround, though I’d still be a bit queasy about providing the false expectation of true anonymity.


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