Any suggestions on best ways to flag a topic as incomplete?

We are using our discourse also as a wiki for collaboratively sharing information. I would like to be able to publicly flag a topic as incomplete - a work in progress - so everyone can see the topics that need attention and contribute to them. Something akin to the wikipedia “stub”.

I wonder if others have already solved this problem or if there is a plugin to handle this use case. Otherwise the long handed route is to add a prefix to titles or a keyword in the body of the message that can be searched. Anyone have better ideas?

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Sounds like your current approach is pretty good. You could also try using categories to your advantage or employing the Tagger plugin.


Might as well close the loop here @tobiaseigen what ended up happening here?


This is actually a good idea, perhaps for special cases,for a small number of sites that use a more “strict” form . We can of course manually through editing to place any text, highlight it in any special way. Or try to implement this idea with an insert. We can manually insert a link on a previously created topic, where we will describe all of it. Lots of implementation.

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Nothing happened, as far as I know. I’d still like to have the ability to indicate which topics are wiki “stubs” that are a work in progress and shouldn’t be relied on yet/need work.

We have been building up a knowledge base on our discourse, with a category and sub-categories that are all set to create wiki topics by default. We also have a kb admin tag that contains tags that can only be used if kb is also used. Among those is a draft tag that we use to keep an eye on topics that need work.

@angus and I have been talking about creating a knowledge base plugin. Maybe this could be included as a feature of that plugin?

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What about tagging the work in progress with a stub tag? A trivial plugin could apply the tag automatically to short topics