How can I host Discourse for free?

how make discourse on pc for free no downloading anything

There is no way to have your own Discourse instance for free. You will have to buy either hardware to run it on or rent it from somewhere.


You can use a cloud provider though, most give you a few hundred dollars in credit for free, there are some downsides and limits to that though

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Hey @JammyDodger. We really need to have FAQ for this. Maybe with an auto link to something like “free hosting”, so we could say “See the free hosting faq”.


i am on a very tight budget i can only spend about 1 dollar

Have you considered using one of the free hosted community solutions instead of Discourse?


Do you have a credit card? If so, I recommend DigitalOcean. It costs nothing and it works well with Discourse, although you need to buy a domain.
I recommend Namecheap, or if you have no money to spend on a domain freenom.

Then use Cloudflare’s Free plan, and hook it up to your DigitalOcean server and it should work!


no i have no credit card

discourse = better :smiley:

it said this

Remove the subdomain.


What domain do you want? You have to type it exactly, example: “” and it will work.

Oracle Cloud offers free centos like servers if you register, you could try that

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i want


Then type that in the box and then sign up for Cloudflare, they should tell you what to do, lmk if you need any more help.

what’s that for

DDos protection, and nameservers.

How do you host in DigitalOcean for free? I’m currently paying for two on their platform.


If You use their promo, they give you $100 for 2 months to try their platform. After that you have to pay. This is for first time customers only.