Free Services for Non-Profit Organizations?

What would you like done?
A small discourse community for our Non-Profit Community that is needing a Discourse forum. We only need it small, like a 10gb max disk size.
When do you need it done?
What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
We would prefer it without charge but if that is not possible we would like the lowest possible price.

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Minimal servers are only like 5 bucks a month on DigitalOcean.

Here is my Discourse Self-Hosting FAQ – Literate Computing, LLC. It gives basics about self-hosting and options that I provide for setting it up for you.

Ok. I saw on YouTube videos that you had to have the 2GB plan on DigitalOcean for Discourse to run properly. Is that true?

It is if you use their one-click installer, but not if you follow

Ok. Can I get a free install and just host it myself on my pc, and just pay for the Domain?

Or on an Ubuntu VM?

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You’d need a ‘business class’ internet connection to host from home. That’s probably going cost you the same premium as a cloud VPS. I would go for the latter. Scaleway is even cheaper than DO at €2.99 a month for a basic server.


Will this work?

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Did you try to follow the official install instructions

It give you $50 to launch your first month


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