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I am experiencing the problem that I do not always see the Discourse Hub bar on the bottom of the screen on the iPhone. In fact In only see it when using the app to surf this forum.

If there a switch to turn this on and off for certain forums or in the settings of the forums?

On Android and also on an iPad Pro I always see the bar.


Can you share a link of a forum, that when added to DiscourseHub won’t show the botton bar?

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Yes sure:

This use how it looks for this forum and one of the two mentioned above:

Can reproduce on Android:

In my case I have a Layouts plugin which shows a tag icon link but should only do this when scrolling in one direction. I believe the normal mobile footer icon links should show otherwise.

Here’s another:

The in-app browser setting is checked.


I think the footer nav is only available on iPhone. On iPad, the footer nav is on the top. But on Android device I think what you see is maybe the Discourse Tab Bar for Mobile. This component hides the footer nav on iPhone. Or as Robert mentioned the Layouts Plugin has also own footer navigation bar.

The Sidemount forum seems to using my theme component: Floating Navigation Controls and Desktop Navigation Bar for Mobile where I hid the footer nav on iPhone. So that is the expected behavior on that case. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I don’t think the Layouts plugin is responsible, as on iPhone it all works as intended currently (Layouts footer when scrolling down, Hub footer when scrolling up).

There is something different about Android here?

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Hi Don,

Yes correct, on the iPad the footer nav is on the top.

My Android phone broke, but my new one seems to be in the mail today, so I can tell you later. What I remember is that it was on the top, too. At least I believe to remember it that way. Will tell you later.

Okay hm. Then it is not a bug but expected behavior. I do not understand though, why. :wink: Because: How do I change between the different forums in the app, how do I share/copy the current page link and go back and forward (back maybe by swiping to the right).

Yep, on android the Layouts footer bar is fixed when you scroll because there is no Discourse footer nav. :slightly_smiling_face: Oh but now I thinking it is maybe fixed on iPhone too just the Discourse footer nav overlay it on scroll?

Indeed, so is this a bug on the Hub on Android or Android doesn’t have a footer nav? (I thought it was even more critical on Android? Although I think this might have been initially introduced when there was no swipe to go back gesture on Android which now exists.)

Yes that’s correct! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah that is always a problem in Discourse Hub, when there is any this kind of modification on the bottom. I will see what can I do to reactivate footer nav on iPhone.

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That really would be great! :slight_smile: It does not matter much for people with only one forum in the app, but they also cannot share a link easily.

What works if you get used to it after a while is swiping left and right.

But as mentioned, switching forums and sharing links is not possible anymore.

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Moving out of #bug as this is not a Discourse bug, but by a third party component.


But why? Why is it unnecessary on Android and necessary on iPhone? Or are you confirming this is a bug on Android?

Hey @Roi, I’ve merged this update. Please update the theme component. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I’m not saying it’s unnecessary on Android. But I don’t think I’ve seen footer navigation on Android since I’ve been using Discourse. I don’t know the exact reason for this, but I think it has something to do with Android’s built-in (footer) navigation bar, which would make it too high and Discourse contains several elements (draft, progress bar, etc.) that would increase it further. Plus the functionality is almost the same (I mean the navigation). On Android, I think Discourse can use feature such as e.g: (toolbar) on DiscourseHub. :slightly_smiling_face:

For example: Facebook use footer navigation tabs on iPhone but on Android this navigation is on the top of the page. Which is good if the header is hidden on scrolling but this is not possible on Discourse because it contains lots of information (notifications, topic extra infos etc…). Twitter use footer navigation on Android too but the header is hidden while scrolling. I think the main thing is for the user to see as much of the content as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Don cool, now it works like with the Discourse Forum itself! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: :+1:

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