Apply Trust Level Flair automatically

I’ve noticed that you can add flair by Trust Level (great!).

I then noticed a User can select from those in their Flair selection in Preferences (marvellous!).

Is there any way, out of the box, of forcing that for users and then updating things when they get promoted?

Or should I just create and run a custom daily job to achieve that and hide the setting somehow?


Ah, OK I can hitch onto the promotion event user_promoted, and perhaps when users are added to the TL0 group using: user_added_to_group, nice!


Hi Robert,

With automatic TL flair have you considered the Theme Component that eorks independently along side the core Flairs?

Trust-Level Avatar Flair

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If their flair is set to (None) it will automatically show the highest level flair from the automatic groups they are in.

Basically, if they aren’t in the moderators or admins groups (or you haven’t set flair for those) it will show their highest trust level flair automatically.

If they are a moderator or admin and those groups have flair set it will choose those. Admin will win if in both moderators and admins.


Great suggestion, thank you!

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Ah! So this might be unnecessary. I will investigate how that works. Thank you!

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I’m trying to automatically apply Trust Level Flair’s to the Latest Topic list.

Digging a bit more, I can see that Flair is attached fine to the Last Poster Avatar on the Topic List presented on the Categories page (with Latest Topics).

However, they don’t appear on avatars on the standard Latest view.

I dug into the data and cannot see any major difference.

Does anyone know why technically they show up on Categories (with Latest Topics) and not on Latest avatars?

That would be a help.

I’ve even tried passing the User object to the flair component i’ve added to the topic-list-item.hbr template but with no success, e.g.:

<UserAvatarFlair @user={{topic.creator}} />


Oh I think i know why? That that component doesn’t work on raw templates?!

Roll on Glimmer for the Discovery Topic Lists!!