Are conditions to get new Trust level cumulative?


To get to trust level 1, do user need to:

Enter 5 topics AND read at least 30 posts AND Spend 10 minutes


Enter 5 topics OR read at least 30 posts OR Spend 10 minutes ?

I am asking because I already have many users with a TL3 and they never replied to any topic. I would like to force them to write at least 4 postes to get to TL3.


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Okay I think i understand.
I have created a group and put in the group that people joining this group will automatically get a TL3.
How can I go backward and put all of them back to TL1?

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Quick [insert question within] question: if I am TL1 @CedODM adds me to his TL3 group, then removes me… do I stay at TL3? Or do I go back to TL1…?

It seems you stay TL3.
That’s my point.

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I think that you’ll need to do it manually, with the API, or the rails console. Do you want to remove everyone in the group from tl3? That’s reasonably easy. I’m not sure about removing only those who’d not have been promoted.

Well … I don’t know how to do that.

I have been able to export my user list.
I would know how to change the trust level of each.
But I am not sure about re-importing them …

They’re are some examples at Administrative Bulk Operations


discoursehosting have proposed to do it.