Are lowendbox servers any good?

(Kris Alcordo) #1

Hi, is anyone here hosting a live discourse installation on a server from

I am thinking of getting one from them but would like to know if anyone here has any experience/feedback with servers on that site.

Many thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This just looks like a clearinghouse site for lots of different offers. How can anyone tell you which is reliable, since they are all from totally different vendors?

It’s unclear if many of these even have the 1 GB of RAM minimum necessary to run Discourse.

(Kris Alcordo) #3

Thanks @codinghorror for the reply.

There’s this one host that offers 3gb RAM though and was wondering how generally the servers on there performed. Hopefully there’s one person on here who’d have experience with servers on the site.


(Jeff Atwood) #4

Er wow have you read the comments on that post? Those “businesses” sound very scary and shady. Serious fly by night stuff.

(Kolt) #5

There is an associated forum, Lowendtalk, where the providers are discussed. I somewhat enjoy the “deal hunting” aspect of the website, but since last year when Digital Ocean became popular and when OVH released a bunch of ridiculously good offerings on dedicated servers the actual practical value of the site isn’t all that high, unless you really really like having a bunch of scraggly VPSes all over the world and discussing their relative performance levels.

(Kris Alcordo) #6

Yeah, digital ocean is okay but the offer I linked above is difficult to pass up. Thanks for the feedback

(Kris Alcordo) #7

What is OVH? IS it a webhost? Thanks

(Ben T) #8

I used to really enjoy going to lowendtalk and reading about the crazy deals. It’s gotten a little worse over time, as the community looked more for lower prices than actual server quality (there are often cases of someone selling VPS accounts out of their home.) Just read the comments on that post; do you really want to dump $48 into a company with a blacklisted IP?

You just have to be careful with these other hosts. Remember that OpenVZ servers are very often oversold, and that you rarely can use all of the memory on them at once. I’ve been on a plan that offered 3GB of memory, but I could only ever use 1GB of memory before serious problem happened.

The other thing to be careful of on that site is just how many re sellers exist. For example, I’d guess that 80-90% of all the Buffalo, NY offerings are in the same data center. Do you want to pay a middle man, or the person who owns the data center?

(Régis Hanol) #9 (EU-based).

(Kris Alcordo) #10

Thanks, I might get that over the lowendbox ones. Cheers!

(Johan Jatko) #11

We generally go to for dedicated/vps server deals.

If you want EU-based you may want to go with either OVH, Hetzner or DigitalOcean, all three are good providers with different prices and services.

(Sed) #12

Hi, see