Black Friday Deals - Need a Powerful Server?

If you’re seeking a powerful server, you may want to check out the deals at OVH.

Digital Ocean is great, but their pricing model is reverse economies of scale. This is the case for many similar hosting providers. So the larger your servers get, the more you pay per resource. I generally don’t use instances above $20 p/m with Digital Ocean, as somewhat of an inflection point. Also their auto backup pricing doesn’t make sense. You pay 20% of your server costs, rather than a per GB rate.

Every year during the discount season I hunt around for some legit deals. I’ve been able to significantly reduce annual overhead this way. OVH has been super solid for me. Phone support is solid as well.

If there’s a server you want, I’d suggest buying it asap. As the best ones always get sold out before the end of the sale period. I generally use the CA DC.

OVH US (US DC’s, separate entity to the rest of OVH)
OVH World
OVH CA (Main entity, most full-featured)
OVH Asia
OVH Ireland

SoYouStart (subsidiary of OVH - have not used them before):
SoYouStart US
SoYouStart EN

Kimsufi (another subsidiary of OVH, though I don’t see any deals currently - have not used them before):
Kimsufi US
Kimsufi EN

If you spot some other great deals, please share! :slight_smile:


I think Linode had a few deals, but I don’t have any links to the deals at the moment.


IONOS runs Discourse well. So far at least . @pfaffman has done a great job from literate computing to install Discourse there.

I think their prices are reasonable.


One small addition to IONOS. By default their cloud servers turn off all inbound traffic to smtp port 25. And all other email ports. Change the cloud policy for firewalls to all inbound tcp traffic for ports 25 (and other common email ports you may want).