Are post Signatures really a thing of the past?

Not a troll question, a genuine question:

Do you have a reference? This is pretty new to me :slight_smile:

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Discourse has taken a pretty strong “signatures don’t belong in core” since its foundation, see for example this post from 2013.

Now of course, the beauty of the software is that it’s fully customizable, so if you really want signatures, there is an official plugin for it :slight_smile:


Yes. You only have to click on an avatar to get more User information and don’t have to suffer scrolling and scrolling lots of information irrelevant to the current Topic.


Signatures are definitely a relic of the past. The rise of mobile makes screen real estate a lot more value so it’s unwieldy to let people arbitrarily fill up most of the space with junk.

However, what’s lost when signatures are gone is the ability to express yourself or your personality outside of your avatar and username.

So on my forum we tried to strike a balance by allowing users to choose from a set of small predetermined spirites. It minimizes space used while still giving people another way to express themselves.

Gone are open-ended signatures but we don’t have to throw out the full baby with the bathwater.