User preference to show/hide Signatures?

Unfortunately people in one of the forums I run are complaining about signatures, too. “This is a thing from the 90s, also many signatures are too heavy and even if not they distract too much from the content of the threads.” In this forum, it’s 50/50. Interesting. We were already thinking about putting the content of the signatures in the “About me” box of the users and turning off signatures for this forum.

Personally I like signatures, also in the year 2024. :wink: But it seems not everybody thinking that way.

Anway, because of this reason I want to ask for a feature request:

Can you introduce a switch in the user profile/settings to turn off signatures? And maybe also a global switch to set a default (on or off).

There is signatures_visible_by_default in the plugin’s settings.

That is also possible. I think the user setting is located in the user’s preferences in the profile tab.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I read it but the German version did read different to me, I did not understand it correct.

Found it! Now it all makes sense. Thank you again! :slight_smile:

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