Are two CPU cores better to run Discourse?

I am looking to purchase a VPS for Discourse and I have two options to choose from. A 2GB 2 core server with 25GB of storage and a 2GB 1 core server with 20GB of storage just a dollar more. Question is; would it be worth if I paid for for the extra core? This forum will be the only thing running - maybe a separate website down the road on Ubutunu server. Just gathering thoughts to make the right decision.

Thank you.

If you’re just starting 1GB RAM and 1 core is fine, but a 20GB harddrive is on the small side. You will often not be able to do the one-click upgrades as you’ll have to frequently log in via ssh to do a cleanup action before upgrading. Unless you know that you will definitely have a lot of traffic I’d recommend (as the Discourse guides do) Linode or Digital Ocean’s 5USD/month 1GB RAM, 1vCPU, 25GB SSD options.

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Even 25gb is a little tight.

I am familiar with setting up Discourse and I am not expecting much traffic at all. I am aware of DigitalOcean’s plan but the package I am looking at is cheaper with more resources going through OVH which I trust more than DigitalOcean

Well if you don’t expect much traffic either option will be acceptable. If it’s only a $1/month more it’s probably quite a good deal. And you can upgrade later if traffic demands it. So that’s another consideration - make sure your provider’s upgrade paths are reliable and smooth.

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What are you really asking? How much disk space is needed?

No, I am asking if the extra core is worth it.

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More memory or disk space is usually a better trade off assuming the core is fast and modern.