ARM64 Production Level Reliability

Hi there, I hope you’re doing well,

As always, Discourse is many steps ahead of the industry, yesterday I’ve tested the full transition to ARM based servers and it was successful! Saving hundreds of dollars per month on server/electricity costs!

But as I’m not a real ruby developer, on top of that I don’t know too much about how packages compatibility and missing dependencies may affect the reliability of our Discourse setup in terms of functionality and security.

May I ask, is discourse on ARM64 battle tested and officially reliable for serious production loads, or should I stick with x64 for now?

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While we use ARM for PostgreSQL and Redis production hosting, and we have made the Ruby app ARM64 compatible since Discourse on a Raspberry Pi | Blog, we don’t host production traffic from our hosting in ARM yet.

That said, as long as you can safely store database backups off-site and monitor the website for error/response times reliably, it should be safe to give ARM in production traffic.


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