Badge progress bar - a not-so-complicated idea about "my upcoming badges"


(Anton) #1

So, if badges mostly “count” something, we can add progress bars to badges :heart_eyes: !!

This will act as another kind of motivation: when you look at the badge list, and you see that tiny progress bar under each unreached (yet) badge that is getting increased day by day while you push yourself to the limits to gain at least one more of those :joy:

In the personal badges list:

The same works for the global badges list.

For the badges which can only be gained once, some helper text should be shown instead, i.e. “This badge can be granted once only”.


A badge creator will optionally return one more column from the SQL query indicating percentage of the badge completeness, for example: percent_completed.

From there it should be doable to use the number to build progress bars when applicable.

If any badge is “coming soon” (i.e. has reached 90%+), we can also show some sign of excitement on top of the user profile menu avatar in the top right corner.


For a “received 10 likes badge”, the percentage can be calculated pretty easily - we have the number of likes received, and we know that 10 likes is 100%. Work out the proportion and you get the percentage.

Things get a bit more complicated when it comes to multiple criteria used in a badge. For example:

  • topic received 10 likes
  • has at least 20 posts
  • has been there for 14 days

In this case, it is up to the badge creator to implement the calculation strategy. The simplest way though would be to just add all things together:

10 likes + 20 posts + 14 days = 44 points = 100%

Then you have the current state for a topic:

5 likes + 10 posts + 7 day = 22 points
= 50% completeness.

Still pretty easy to calculate.

I’d like to find out if anyone likes the idea? :hushed:

Personally, I think this is FUN and JOY big time!