Assign first staff user who replies

Is it possible using the assign plugin to assign the first staff user who replies to a thread?

You can use the “assign self regex” so someone can reply with a key phrase like “on my list” to have it auto assigned


Yes, I actually use it quite a bit here on meta … I think it is a bit dangerous for any reply.

Initially when we deployed assign on meta we “auto assigned” on mention and even that was way too much.

Assign on first reply is a bit atomic. That said … a site setting for assign … maybe … @jj11909 perhapse try the assign to self regex for a bit and let us know how you go?


I would like it to simply assign any staff member via their 1st reply by replying with anything.

I was hoping a ‘*’ would work but it does not. Any other trick to making this happen using some sort of pattern I can enter that you would recommend?

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.* was what I was looking for - thanks it works now… Leaving this for any other crazy person who wants such an atomic change.