Assign topic on staff reply

Could a setting be added so that if a moderator replies to a topic he is automatically assigned to it? Because if he replies the assumption is that he is the one now dealing with it. Would save our guys having to self-assign all the time.

Would definately have to be a setting, this is not a common workflow.


Could the assign self regex work? Your moderators would simply need to ensure that they include a certain phrase in their reply. For example, here on meta if I were to write “my list” the topic would be assigned to me.


We had a need in our installation to auto assign the first staff member to reply to a topic, I saw this had been requested before so I submitted a PR to add this feature.

If you enable the site setting: assign first staff it will assign the first staff member to post (after enabling) to a topic.


Yes I am rejecting this based off assign self regex it is a far safer workflow and if you need to go into automatic assignment world I would recommend simply creating another plugin that takes care of it.

I don’t think this is a setting I want to carry.