Assign Nickname to slot, possible?


Im searching for solution for my problem. I Have forum on Discourse for my “Arma 3” game clan, and we have system for reserving game slot.

Is it possible for do it automatically? Something like click on
"Soldier 1 - "
And then changes to
“Soldier 1 - Nickname”
or similar?

Beacuse right now i have to manually assign every one by editing.

I tried to do it with poll system, but it was clunky and not very intuitive.

Thanks for help!

I don’t believe there is any way you can do that without some sort of plugin - even then I doubt it would be easy. What about making the post a wiki and allowing it to be edited?


I need something like this:

Is it possible to do in discourse? Or i should move to NodeBB?

You could post in the marketplace with a budget and see if someone could develop it for you