Assign plugin: Note not visible

We use the assign plugin.

When assigning a post, there is the (optional) possibility to write a note. We have noticed that this note can only be read by the creator or the assigning person. The person who was assigned, however, cannot read the note. Is this the way it is supposed to be? We think it makes sense if the note can also be read by the person who received the assignment.

I’m not seeing this behaviour when I gave it a test run? When I assigned a post to my test user they could see the note, and they weren’t the OP.

Is there something different about your set-up or the groups/users you’re assigning that could make a difference?

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What do you mean? We are assigning to moderators.

We use the following groups: assign allowed on groups: moderators, administrators

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I’ve given it another go with assigning the moderators group instead of a specific person and my test user is still seeing the note:

Could you give some more detail of any settings you’ve used to set this up (assign/group/anything else?), and check whether it works in safe mode?


Below are observation on Assign Topic note not visible in forum

  • moderator assigned to level-2 note not visible (level-2)
  • level-2 assigned to moderator note visible

setting are default w.r.t assign topic plugin and any relevant setting shave not been changed