Assignment dialog never gives me the chance to leave a note

We’re starting to use assignment heavily

When I assign, I click in the dropdown and start typing.

My hands are on the keyboard at this point, so it’s natural to arrow down to the correct choice & hit ‘Enter’ to select it. … At which point the dialog closes.

Since the ‘Note’ field is under the assignee field, my expectation is that I would have a chance to add a note after I’ve picked the assignee. But that’s not how it works in practice.


Is there possibility to add a note :flushed:

This is what I get when using iPad:

Oh I have a repro @nat, this looks like an edge case we missed.

The enter should not assign if notes are turned on. The click on avatar though should :slight_smile:

@Jagster to get notes you need to be on latest, very recent feature.


Yup. Now it is there. Something what I have needed — thanks all of you.


Here’s the PR:

There’s also something else in the works to show notes in the moderator posts (they currently only show up in the tooltip on the topic header):


I’d like to add to the original thread,

but that got closed.

Not only am I still seeing this, but I just tired adding a comment before I made the assignment and my comment seems to have disappeared into the ether.

Do I need to do something on our hosted site to get the fix that was created on the 12th?

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I’ve scooted it over, and reopened the topic. :+1:

As for the question itself, I shall have a look and see if you still need the fix or if this is something new. :slight_smile:

Hey Ann,

Try now after an hard refresh of the site. You are on the latest version and you have both of Nat’s fixes.


To be clear @Dax, you mean a hard browser refresh? Because I just restarted yesterday…

But I’ve done the refresh. So far so good…

I’ll need to come back to this next week (after Memorial Day) to be sure tho. Can we leave the topic open that long, pls?

Edit: Okay… I got confused. I just realized that this^ response itsn’t relevant to this thread. :roll_eyes:

Yes! This is working. Thanks!


Sorry, yes, I just meant a hard browser refresh as I had just finished updating your site :slight_smile: