Assignment dialog never gives me the chance to leave a note

We’re starting to use assignment heavily

When I assign, I click in the dropdown and start typing.

My hands are on the keyboard at this point, so it’s natural to arrow down to the correct choice & hit ‘Enter’ to select it. … At which point the dialog closes.

Since the ‘Note’ field is under the assignee field, my expectation is that I would have a chance to add a note after I’ve picked the assignee. But that’s not how it works in practice.


Is there possibility to add a note :flushed:

This is what I get when using iPad:

Oh I have a repro @nat, this looks like an edge case we missed.

The enter should not assign if notes are turned on. The click on avatar though should :slight_smile:

@Jagster to get notes you need to be on latest, very recent feature.


Yup. Now it is there. Something what I have needed — thanks all of you.


Here’s the PR:

There’s also something else in the works to show notes in the moderator posts (they currently only show up in the tooltip on the topic header):