Assign Posts as admin user to a moderator

I had no luck assigning a topic as an admin user to a user who is a moderator.
Did i again overlook some configuration options? :wink:

Is this turned on? Enable the assign plugin

If so:

  1. Press assign at the bottom of a topic or private message.

  1. See writing in red.
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thank you for your fast response.
Yes the plugin assign is activated, and it works for assigning posts as moderator to another moderator.

Has any other staff been @mentioned? Maybe they have and you have to unassigned them first looking at your settings.

Thats the topic: Mögliche Benutzer - Messenger: Threema Work -

I think no staff is mentioned and noone is assigned.

When i change to a mod user and try to assign someone i get a dropdownlist showing the user:

When i try that using the admin user this doesn’t appear:


Perhaps its a bug …

This has always worked for us, so I’m not sure what is wrong. All staff can be assigned. (staff = admins, moderators).

Thanks @Matze, I managed to track down the source of this issue. We were only searching ‘members of groups which you are also a member of’. So that works for ‘staff’ (like we have it here on meta), but it didn’t work for the separate ‘admins’ and ‘moderators’ groups.


Thank you for your fast and great support.

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