Associate category to an individual user

Is there a way to associate categories to individual Users ?

consider the below example.

Forum(movies) has 50 categories organised into 5 sub-categories(Actors, Actress,comedians etc) each with 10 categories.

Can a user favourite a category?

Now in the hamburger menu, Is it possible to show categories specific to user’s liking like below?

I could not find any related topics on this. So any helpful info on this is appreciated. Thanks.

What shows in the hamburger menu is not controllable by a member.
But it can be based on Group membership.

For example, if I am a member of the lolcat group, and there is a lolcat category, that category can have permissions set so that only members of the lolcat group can see it.
I would see it in the menu.
If I wasn’t a member of the lolcat group, I would not see it in the menu

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I think the closest you could get to this would be with the yet-to-be-made “saved filters” plugin.