At what point can you no longer like or unlike a post?

Searched and couldn’t find this in the forums. I’ve noticed that for older posts, you seemingly can’t like them (or unlike them if you’ve previously liked them). Is this setting configurable? Similarly, I’ve noticed you can’t like your own posts. Is there a setting for that?

There’s the “post undo action window mins” setting which controls how long users are allowed to undo recent actions on a post (like, flag, etc). It defaults to 10 minutes.

Nope. You gotta spread the :heart:.


For likes, I thought you could change your mind forever. Unless the topic is “archived”.

I just hunted down the first post I made in Meta, and liked the post I was replying to. No problems.

For the record, that post was made in February 2013.

It’s not based on the date of the post but on the date of your :heart:.


Weird! I absolutely cannot like some posts on my instance and it seems to be related to their age. They were restored from backup, I wonder if that could be a factor?

So I can’t revert very old likes? Going back and testing, shows that is correct. Even six month old likes are fixed. That’s only the unlike part of the question in the title, though.

This 10 minute lock is really weird. Meaning of a post can change substantially depending on context, and the context continues to develop in the subsequent discussion. Discussions on the internet take place in a scale of hours, not 10 minutes.

As an example, a superficially likeable post turns out that it has shot over its goal and comes over as rude to other users in the subsequent discussion. While this post voiced arguments that I agreed with, its tone and perception make me later regret having “awarded” that poster a like.

It should be possible to revise likes, or to raise the limit to 1 hour.


The limit can be configured in site settings, it applies to all post actions (e.g. flagging).


So can I just confirm, you can’t simply unlike a post you have liked using the API? It has to be in this ‘undo’ window? Very confusing and not documented in the API Docs