Removing a Like?

To the point, one of the users on the forum I moderate has sent me a PM asking how they remove a like from someone’s post (the liked user edited their post, and the liker now finds the post objectionable). I checked, and can’t find a way, and I just wanted to be sure that it’s not just something I’m missing. So first question: Is it possible for users to remove likes from posts? And second: Is it a possible feature in the future?


“post undo action window mins” out of the box in site settings is set to 10 minutes.

I think we should probably change it so “unliking/unflagging etc.” is unlocked if edit date is larger that post action date, @codinghorror ?


There is actually a way to do this, @eviltrout worked on that feature for bbs. Possible it regressed.

I don’t see that in the code. It’s possible it was totally removed at some point?


Maybe the window of time for removing a like should be reset when the liked post is modified? That would also require notifying the user that their liked post has been notified.