Attach "require moderator approval" to a user?

There are some really malicious or negative people that you may want to silence or ban, but we’ve also got a handful of people that seem either oblivious or not technically sophisticated enough to engage properly with the forum.

For a pure independent community, silencing or banning is probably best. However, when a community is also part of commercial support, seems a bit heavy handed to outright silence someone that’s a real customer unless they’re is something very clearly wrong.

There’s already a “Require moderator approval” workflow that can be turned on for categories, and also for suspected bot posts… Is there already a way to force specific users to “Require moderator approval” on all of their posts?


There’s a plug in somewhere that does exactly this, we used it for a while.

Et Voila

I had a comment on here:

Would it be difficult to implement a function where posts rejected have a reason text field that’s PM’d to the user?

I think that ought to be a feature when rejecting anything from the pre-approval queue in core, in an ideal world a mod would PM the user every time manually but some users are getting knocked back without a reason why and left in the dark somewhat.