Attempted to switch mail provider, messed up my discourse

Hey all

I’ve had a discourse forum (personal docker install I put on one of my micro-servers) for about a year now.
two or so days ago I changed the url from to

and while I was going through the containers/app.yml

I thought to myself hey I’ve just recently purchased a sendinblue subscription (for batch emailing/marketting) why don’t I edit the API details to be that instead of my current free provider : sendgrid

What a big mistake.

I soon found out sendinblue was throttling emails because the API was a seperate plan, so I reverted all the concerned fields:


(and obviously the last two fields I kept for the new domain, the rest are the same values that previously worked for a year)

but now Discourse and SendGrid report all green across the board

but no actual email is being sent.


I didn’t change anything sendgrid side.

What is wrong in my config? why is this happening?

I’ve been told DISCOURSE_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL: needs to share domain with DISCOURSE_SMTP_DOMAIN is that true? isn’t actually configured to be a mailing domain.

what do I need to do to make that true? or can I use another existing email domain I have?

No. But the notification email needs to be one that your mark mail service is configured to send for. Also, if you changed the domain name you should check out Change the domain name or rename your Discourse

yeah that’s the guide I followed. thanks!

What do you mean,

that your mark service is configured to send for.

what is a mark service do you mean mail service. that’s probably the issue.
let me check what I have in sendgrid it’s probably configured to send mails from

another question that’s very much related.

when I verify a domain under sendgrid it adds junk in front and displays that as the verified domain :

Am I supposed to use the version with the junk ( or the version without the junk ( as my DISCOURSE_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL ?

Ok it’s fixed!

I put REDACTED as DISCOURSE_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL and I set that domain and email up on sendgrid. sendgrid had the old domain and email set up, that was the issue.


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Cool! Could you mark something as solved? You might need to click the three dots to see the checkbox.

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