Auction feature

Would it be possible to have a auction feature (where you have the poll settings when you are about to create a new thread)? As an example, for me who run Discourse that is about gaming people want to sometime sell their games.
I am not 100% sure how the layout would look or how it would work but I am open to help thinking out a solution if it is possible to do. Maybe it could be a simple update to how the poll feature would work and have implementation of adding a bid amount, how the seller want to get paid (directly with link from the forum) et.c.

Let me know your thought.

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People have talked about a buying and selling category which might be sufficient for you to start with. The topic is worth reading anyway:


I commented in the thread now, thanks. I would love this as a feature, I think many people would like this and it will make more people use Discourse if it is implemented correctly (as I am sure it would).