Auto-Archive content

Excuse me if this this already exist which would be super cool.

I was thinking a plugin or feature like this would be really useful for everyone and the world.

  • User posts a link
  • Discourse automatically generates archive links (or reserouces)
  • Archive is achieved it with a few pre-set archive sites
  • Higher level feature (discourse generates an archives within a/as topic etc.)
  • Archive is available as a parallel link or a archive button opening a tab showing archive backup options, links / images tab.
  • Discourse detects broken link/content and the archive is served up in the post as the alt

You could develop out the concept more but you have the base idea, but it’s being an automatic feature, that makes it highly robust and weighty.

A level of self-hosted-archiving could be done for those who have the resources to manage, which is the case with image embeds - I’m also pitching the same idea for something like this with the new twitter solution.

There is nothing worse than finding an old forum post where the linked video or content is all gone. All this tech and development and content creation and yet the internet in many instances is more fragile than ancient manuscripts that have survived thousands of years!

It’s important to think about longevity when we’re planting acorns all the time.

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Like the way back machine or internet archive?

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Yes, you could point the feature to use any of those well known services, which takes out takes out the friction of a bunch of steps to archive content, which is always good.

Those archive services also get around some paywalls out there. How that happens I have no idea but it’s a secondary benefit :wink:

Firefox has a plugin that allows a more one click approach to archiving of sources (thought hCaptcha still add friction) but if you could combine that kind of one click action and benefit while you post in discourse… Whoaa! :star_struck: Productivity to the moon! :rocket: :full_moon: