Auto-delete or close posts/topics - basic housekeeping

Hi, can’t seem to find this in the docs, so just wanted to ask-- does Discourse ever delete posts as part of housekeeping? For example, after a topic hits x posts the old ones are deleted off the top, or if a topic isn’t used within x days/weeks/months then it’s closed/archived/moved out… anything like any of this?

If not… any recommended strategy (and/or supporting plugins) to help keep things tidy?

I have forum members asking if their posts live “forever” right now and I don’t know the answer.

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If you check the settings of the Category you’d like the autoclose on, you’d see:

We also have the :new: auto-close and auto-delete replies over time option, which is in Set Topic Timers option in the post :wrench: menu:


Thank you!! Just what I was seeking. Glad to see there’s a global setting.

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