Is there a way to auto-delete a post?


I don’t mean like auto-close topics, but a way as an admin or mod to make a post within a topic delete itself after a certain amount of time.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not at the moment but there have been times this would have been useful.

(Ashesh Sen) #3


im looking for a same feature as well. some topics may require a feature where topics older than certain date or if the topic is getting larger than the required size could be deleted automatically.

(Sam Saffron) #4

We have auto delete topic now as an admin action. Auto delete post seems like something that would be extremely rare. Can you specify your particular use case and why you want this?

(Ashesh Sen) #5

Hey @sam, indeed it is extremely rare. It certainly wouldn’t be much of use in serious forums such as this. My case is that I run a trivial gaming forum and I decided to create a topic called shout box. People Esp. Kids just shout there random things for example during world cup people cheering for their team or posting things like - “thanks for the game boys. Was real fun today” .

The babble chat plugin is not visible outside. A shout box would be more appropriate. But I realised the topic was becoming large. I was just curious if any such features or plugin was available currently. Nevermind, I’ll just delete n create the topic again. Lazy me :slight_smile: