Auto-delete system messages for bumping old topics after the topic gets a reply

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after the system bumped an old topic, and the topic gets some new replies, the bumping notification is not needed anymore. and it’d be less distracting if the system message gets deleted.

our admins do this by hand. I wonder if there could be a feature to remove the notification automatically.



Don’t agree with this. The historical evidence of bump is useful and relevant to the topic.


I don’t get the point. may you explain more how can it be useful to the topic?

It means the topic wasn’t discovered and replied to, it took the bump to surface it.

It shows whether bumping is effective or not. Delete the notification and you can’t look back to see.

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Pretty sure you can use CSS to hide it.

Agree it is a very good idea to keep this, especially as @codinghorror mentioned, it is relevant and important information; however:

If you must get rid of it, in this example (on the image, not on the actual notice) try a simple jQuery or a JS selector since the p element of that “auto bumped” notification has no CSS class nor id (see image). Looks like the closest class is “content” but I am guessing that class (did not check the source) appears more than once; so it might take some “selector finesse” to select it…

Update: The CSS selector idea above is only an example based on the image, not the actual autobump notice. Need to inspect an actual notice

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