Automatically bumping old topics on a category

I kinda disagree with this, it can be useful to know why there are suddenly some replies months or years later on a old topic.

I didn’t try this option on my forum but I guess this message can be deleted by the staff, like any other topic status changes (pin/unpin, closed topic, etc) so I think we can do without a specific option :thinking:


I disagree with removing it too. The bump message answers the question “why is someone responding to this old topic suddenly?” which will very likely come up without the message being there.

What problem is the bump message causing? It seems more helpful than harmful.


This, I’d really use some option to configure autobump check :slight_smile:

Also it’s a bit annoying when I have two topics in one category and they’re bumped to the infinity and beyond. Is there any way to bump such categories ie. once per week? Like one thread per week would work like a charm :>

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How to disable autobumping alltogether? I can’t find any settings related to “bump”, when I search in admin settings I can’t find any option like that…
I’m on Discourse 2.2.1


Is there a way to hide auto bump message with css?

What have you tried so far?

I didn’t try anything cause I didn’t find any specific class related to this message to hide. Is there something I’m missing?

This would make it a useful feature for me. My use case is to remind users of important forum policies. But not every day.

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Feature request - could we also have a similar setting for tags?

I prefer to keep my topics categorised as they currently are, and to tag key topics for regular auto-bumping.

Also, some of these key topics may be closed, but I’d still like them to be auto-bumped.


I do not disagree with the request but it is a slippery slope to make tags have all the functionality of categories.

If the functionality can’t be added at the tag level, perhaps we could do it another way: could the auto-bump topic timer be enhanced to support recurrence?

I am not against that as an idea. It can be very powerful. Can you post a discrete #feature req for this, ideally with a quick mockup (also semantics are a bit difficult “bump every N days from last post”) and the bump counts as a post.


“Non-solved” was a condition added later on, but you have to read the thread to know this. Could you update the description, please?

Also, have you considered the possibility of adding the condition “non-assigned”, in reference to the Assigned functionality?

In our forum we assign certain topics, and bumping them often puts the persons assigned to these topics in uncomfortable positions because there isn’t much to update. The topics are simply in their backlog waiting to be addressed.


Yes, I think this “auto-bump-lite” feature would be useful for forums where closing/archiving/solving/deleting is not an option but where you want to make sure that every topic gets a reply.


I’ve taken discobot and tried to give a bit more character to him

changed profile/responses etc for the sake of fun

could these auto bump message alerts


be changed, made in the form of reply post from discobot or a given forums version?

perhaps the new user welcome as well, since AI is on the way, (or here) perhaps this fits?

Feel free to change the avatar of your @system user.

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I had done that thank you,

I was picturing more of an AI feel with an actual reply post, its already similar given the base interaction,

perhaps an integration is possible?

I believe it would be entertaining

btw, any danger in changing the sytems username?

If you are making any API requests to your site with the All Users API Key, you will need to update the API Username that you use in those requests to the new system user’s username. If you are not making API requests with the All Users API Key, then there is no danger in changing the system user’s username.


Is there a way to disable the bump notification history at the bottom of the topic?