Auto-summarization and chat

Thanks to Discourse and little help from AI-companies we have ability to create summaries.

I was wondering if there is need and if it is even possible to get automatic summaries to chat channels once a day or so?

Chats are typically quite fast paced and harder to read and catch up than topics. So AI Summarization could help that task I reckon. Well, on my forum it would defenetly help quite a bit.

If such function would be possible how could it sit in threads I don’t know (because my users hate chat threads deeply).

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Hey Jakke, thanks for reaching out about this. It’s a neat idea to help folks stay on top of chat channels with AI summarization.

Could you please clarify what you mean here? I want to be sure I understand exactly what you’re looking for. Do you mean that you’d like to see summaries of what happens within a thread?

I’d also love to learn more about your users’ dislike of chat threads, if you would care to share more on that point!

I would like to get summarization from a chat channel from a timeframe, as 24 hours for example. Totally same what topics have, but with that time limit, of course.

We already have summarization in chats, but that tool can’t publish otherwise than using good old copy&paste. So, we are missing automation

  • for creation, and
  • for publishing

And chat threads… I was just widening possible issues. I have no idea what so ever how threads work together with summarizations — because I don’t use threads. But I could i imagine such tasks would be easier when there is no need to handle dozens of different threads.

so, I would like to offer to users easier way to get fast and easy-to-read cross-section (is that even word in english?) sitting of newest content of high traffic channel.

Or even shortly, to break language barriers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We have this already:

I would like to get automation instead of manual labour.

(BTW, using that dropdown is really difficult on iPad, but that applies Discourse everywhere and is worth of own request)