Feedback on AI Summarisation

Feedback on the summarisation. This looks very promising :pray:

:point_up: the popup is not wide enough

  • It would be great to offer options about how long the summary should be. It sounds like this is targeting the 150-200 word count which is not a lot for some topics.
  • I would love to customise the prompt. For example I would probably default to bullet points.
  • I would love to experiment with a prompt that quote who says what and references posts
  • I would decouple the summarize with AI minimum post setting from the general one. The summarise with AI is probably useful with fewer posts

Note that gpt-3.5 now has a version with a 16k tokens limit which may be very relevant here.

And now the 2 killer features I would like to see:

  • daily summaries with the summarise with AI feature
  • summaries when I hover on the topic (eg pre-computed)

We are using a simplistic prompt at the moment (when OpenAI or Anthropic are selected), but will change it very soon as we are working on it at the moment.

Customizing it is an interesting feature, we may add this in the future.

We just made it show for posts with at least one reply this week.

We added for OpenAI large context models the day they were released. Currently you can pick:

  • GPT 3.5 Turbo with 16k
  • GPT 4 with 32k
  • Claude with 100k

There is work underway to cache the generated summaries so they can be used elsewhere, which unlocks features like this.


I don’t see that on my site, is there a setting that controls it?

More suggestions:

  • showing the summarize with AI button in the pipeline.
  • have a way to replace normal summarize with summarize with AI
  • Allow to point GPT models at Azure. We have observed significantly improved latencies in my company

It’s a change we just made this week, so it will rollout to your site in the next few days.

What “pipeline” here means?

As you can see here on Meta we already did this. Old summary is now called “Show top Replies”. We are still working on the design and order of the buttons.

That is on our roadmap!


Sorry for the lack of clarity, I have no idea why I picked that word :facepalm:

I meant here

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This is done per:

It is rather annoying to configure cause you need to create a bunch of deployments, but it does work nicely.

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