Autofill Terms of Service


Is there a way I can get the TOS to autfill the company_short_name and company_domain?


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Not at this time, I suggest a search and replace operation in the editor of your choice.

Kk. Thanks. Please close.

We can make it a feature request for the future.


I use this to edit the ToS document as it does not mess up the formatting like my text editor did.

The setup wizard takes care of this now courtesy of @eviltrout


I must have missed that, I needed to do it manually, is there anything else the wizard can help me with? If so where is it? :slight_smile:

No, it won’t help you unless you are setting up a new site for the first time.


I have a site in which I have only just realised my default terms of service include ‘company_short_name’ throughout. A way to bake in the company_short_name would be pretty handy. Embedding a placeholder for company_short_name would be really handy if the template text was otherwise altered. It would make changing the name a painless process.

For my immediate case, I will find and replace in a text editor if this is the current advice.

Yes, the wizard change helps all new sites, but we have a bit of a history problem here.